Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Staging?


Home Staging is the process of preparing a home to sell through the designing of a unique, fresh, tasteful space that attract potential buyers and increase competition and asking price of home. It makes the home even more appealing and leaves a potential buyer inspired and motivated to make an offer on the home immediately.


Why does home staging work?


Homeowners that invest in staging can sell their home faster and for more money than non-staged homes. Returns average between 5-15% on staged homes. Having a staged home only helps the marketability of your home and the price at which it will sell.


What is the difference between home staging and interior design?


Staging is a very specific type of home design that is meant to draw as many potential buyers to your home as possible, both online and in person.  Behind our “cozy modern” look is a very intentional system designed to highlight your property’s best features, add a warm and inviting feel, and appeal to the broadest range of buyers.  We have spent years perfecting our system and it has produced consistently successful results for our clients. In contrast, interior design or decorating is based on the personal taste and preferences of the homeowner.  Even when done tastefully, personalized decor focuses a buyer’s attention on the owner rather than the home itself.  This can reduce your chances of selling your home quickly and/or for a higher price.   A little phrase that always makes us laugh is “the only person who is definitely not going to buy your house is you!”


Isn’t home staging expensive?


Staging is possible even when on a budget.  At Metropolitan Staging, we offer several options of services for different staging packages. Keep in mind that the investment you make in home staging will be returned when you sell your staged home for top dollar.


Can I save a little money by using some of my own furniture?


We get asked this question a lot!  It may seem counterintuitive, but allowing us a blank slate to work with is both more efficient and less expensive than having us try to match the style of your existing furniture.    Plus, keeping some of your furniture in the home requires you do two move-outs instead of one, complicating your own home sale process.


How should I choose a stager?


When choosing a home stager, remember that you get what you pay for!  It is worth both your time and money to choose a stager that will provide first-class service, a proven track record of results and a past history of happy clients.  Do your research, look at the stagers’ portfolio, designs, and styles, as well as their success and speed in closing home sales.   If you have other questions, please feel free to call or email us anytime!


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