Completely Custom Staging

This is the signature service that launched our business and achieved amazing results our clients!  With this package, every item for the home is hand selected and the end result is a home that looks well designed rather than staged.  The staging also optimizes space and accentuates all the home’s best features.  The artwork, accessories and furniture all meet Metropolitan’s highest standards and show beautifully in pictures and at home visits.  This level of staging has frequently brought homeowners multiple offers the first weekend – up to 60K above asking price!   Best of all, we are so confident in the success of our work that are NO RENTAL FEES with our custom staging.

Category: Vacant Only

Consultation Fee:  Free site visit

Pricing: Starting at $2995


STYLE by Metropolitan Staging

STYLE by Metropolitan is a semi-custom package that provides our clients with a beautifully coordinated collection of furniture, lighting, art and accessories at an affordable price. Inventory is selected to create a warm and inviting feel which will help potential buyers envision living in the home. This is a perfect option for clients who understand the value of beautiful home staging but may be on a strict budget or a tight timeline.

Category: Vacant or Occupied*

Consultation Fee: Free site visit, zoom or phone consultation

Pricing: Starting at $1995

Term: one month initial term + prorated monthly fee after initial term

* Occupied furniture rental is currently not available due to COVID-19


Walk and Talk Consultations and On Site Redesign

When you are living in your home when listing your property,  it’s vital that you sell your home as fast as possible!  Metropolitan owners/designers Brigid and Sara will visit your property (with our sleeves rolled up!) and get to work on helping you create a home that “wows” buyers and stands out and above other listings in your area.   We will help you maximize flow, give you strategic advice on what should stay (and go), suggest affordable ways to spruce up your rooms and show you how to add value without going crazy in the process.  After the consultation, we will be available via text, zoom or email to help you with any lingering questions you have before the big day.   If you would like even more help, we can return (with or without movers) to help you implement any or all of our suggestions on site.   Any move is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.   Before you start, let us give you a roadmap to success!

Category:  Occupied

Consultation Fee:  $350 for initial consultation (additional $50 for written report)

Pricing: $150 an hour for Brigid + Sara only.  Additional fees if movers are required.


Virtual Services

Virtual Walk and Talk

Sometimes it is not possible to be on site, either due to COVID or schedule conflicts.  Not to worry – we have you covered!   Using zoom or facetime, we will “walk” through your property and help you determine the changes required before putting your home on the market.  Prior to our meeting, we will ask you to take photos of your various rooms so that we can prepare for our visit and give you the best advice possible.  Along the same lines as our on-site visit, we will help you determine how to control buyer experience in walking through your home and we will give you advice on what to keep and what to store (or give away).   After the consultation, we will send you a report with our suggestions and we will be available via text, zoom or email if you have any other questions.   We are also able to provide on site services if you decide you need more help.

Category:  Occupied

Consultation Fee:  $250 for consultation and report

Virtual Design Consultation

Do you have an area in your home that frustrates you every time you walk past it?  Maybe you’ve tried to decorate and nothing seems to fit.  We’ve been there!  Our virtual design consult is a quick and easy way to get your questions answered without having to research expensive designers or commit to an online design project.  Call us or email us to see how we can help you.

Category:  Occupied

Consultation Fee:  Varies (Please call)

Warehouse Sale + Shop List

For people who love shopping for home!