The Milestone Manor Project: Germantown, Maryland

Creating an inviting feel in a home is our priority when helping sell a house. We want to create a space that is suitable for adults, but playful and accommodating to kids (and pets!) in Germantown, Maryland. 

Incorporating greenery in this space really brought it to life, creating an airy, refreshing feel. Potted plants were used for the side tables and countertops, but also tall, leafy plants were used to accentuate the fireplace and dining room windows. 





We used light pops of color in the three bedrooms of this home. We balanced the patterned bedding in each room with tasteful artwork making sure we do not overwhelm the potential buyer, but also create a memorable experience.






The room comfortably seats with a comfy, cream couch and two gorgeous wood-stained chairs. It is a conversational set-up that is enjoyable for all guests enjoying this space. Game nights and dinner parties work perfectly in this beautiful, open space.